About Me


Mark Abraham, author of “The Awareness Journey” has enjoyed photography from the age of 9 where he got his first camera, a Kodak Instamatic 110. It was another 6 years before he got his first real premium camera, a Nikon FG. It was at that point that Mark learned from family the many fascinating possibilities of photography.

Mark dabbled in and out of photography for the next 20 years. Photography led to a pursuit of astronomy and astro imaging where Mark built a backyard robotic observatory and discovered 6 asteroids, three of which he has named.

As photography has been a passion, Mark has picked up and laid down cameras over the many years. Mark got his first DSLR back in the early 2000′s, a Fuji S2 Pro and caught the digital bug really bad, the bulk of these pictures appearing in this gallery are from that time period spanning 7 years. The S2 Pro was followed by the Nikon D70, Fuji S3 Pro, Nikon’s D200, Fuji S 5 Pro, Nikon’s D2X and D700. There was a fun brief stent between the D2X and D700 with Canon’s 5D, I really enjoyed that camera as well. Mark also shot and still keeps a Fuji S5 Pro along with the Nikon DF.

Mark worked semi-professional for a few years in the mid 2000′s photographing amateur model portfolios, some landscape stock, then on to weddings and independent film stills ( IMDB – Last Breath – 2010) through his connections.

During that time Mark was a member of the PPA and some of his photos won in competitions. Mark did not promote his work much, and somehow managed to win contests the few times he did enter images. Of 4 images submitted for the PPA Merit award, three won merits with Mark always believing the 4th Teton Barn was the best of the lot.

In 2007 Mark laid down the camera for the most part only occasionally shooting the D700 acquired in 2008. Much of his work is buried on DVDs and Hard Drives not likely to been seen again. This gallery here represents a small set clips of some of his favorites.

Mark’s advice for those perusing photography, find some formal training and definitely learn the basics, particularly with regards to light and how to see and us it!

Know your camera so well that it virtually disappears in your hands and is not really in your foreconscious when making photos. Learn to frame and when you can, take your time, when you can’t, be skilled enough to know what to do to seize the opportunities.

Remember, everything can be different through an eye behind the lens, the small big, the dark light, the invisible visible and there is nothing more perfect than imperfection itself!

Today in 2014 forward Mark just shoots for fun! Its all about the hobby and its enjoyment!