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Here you will find a mixture of thoughts on my book and my passions.  I hope you enjoy the eclectic mix of content, so many thoughts and so little time to share them all!  All in all I feel blessed to be able to have such a rich life full of family, honest work and clean fun!



My book “The Awareness Journey” was created in 2010 and is a unique self help resource in its ability to provide a way to obtain greater happiness without the pursuit of money, fame and material possessions.  I believe it will forever change how you see your life once you read and reflect upon its intent!  Click on The Awareness Journey Menu link above to learn more and explore the Book Blogs here for additional insight!


I have enjoyed photography since the age of 9 when I was first given a Kodak Instamatic camera.  I have explored this passion off and on over the years and this site shows my work from my middle age years to present.  I have done a little bit of a lot of things from Landscapes to Independent Film Stills and Weddings.  Here you’ll find some of my favorite works.  I also have a more extensive collection I am working on at 500PX its forever a work in progress of deciding which of my 500 are my best.  I have several technical blog entries here for those photographers interested in gear and ways to enhance their creativity!  I also run a website for photographers who are interested in the pursuit of Manual Focus Camera Lenses called NikkorGlass.



Astronomy is a passion I picked up in my middle age years and explored with abandon.  At my peaks I built and operated a robotic observatory in my back yard, discovered 7 asteroids, helped professional observatories and paved the way for some interesting collaborations.  At one point the observatory was mostly automated and accessible to operate by friends over the internet and also able to operate itself unattended searching for Asteroids and Supernovae!  After exhausting my fun with that pursuit i moved to visual observing with a 24 inch Dobsonian and then several other telescopes as my passion ebbed and waked.  I have had a few websites in the past for this pursuit, will be rebuilt soon to revive nostalgia and continue forward with today’s new pursuits.

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