KC Blacklight Run

I had the pleasure of attending this years local Blacklight Run in Kansas City this past weekend and took along the Nikon DF and Tamron lenses to cover the event.


Regrettably the Rain washed us out and led to the cancellation of the run before it got dark and before I could get race pictures, so what follows is some coverage of the pre-race activities.


The event itself works with different local charities in each location its run and some of the proceeds go to that local charity and the charity helps staff the events.


This event is very colorful and one can see quite the color glow once things get dark and the blacklights can cast their full effect.  The participants are given a glow pack as a part of their race packet that consists of a bag of colored  food grade powder that they can pour on themselves or others.  The racers also can buy other blacklight accessories such as glow sticks, more glow powder, markers and other various ensandre.



Our local event took place at Cricket Wireless Ampatheater which is actually ideal with a set of trails around the theater and stage for the before and after party festivities.  People of all ages attend this event and you can see some extremely colorful attire.


The race organizers also use the stage area to throw powder and bags of powder out to the crowd who in turn pour the powder on to each other.  Its a shame this race was washed out before dark as this would have made for some fabulous glowing photography!


Powder fights are very fun to watch!


A glow warrior prepares for battle!


There is a photo booth for public usage with blacklights, just imagine what the race would have looked like at the checkpoints which were outfitted with lots of blacklights.


As you can see the weather took a nasty turn and the crowd was soaked with torrential rains for a good 20 minutes.  In the end there was too much lightening to allow the race to continue and so the event was called.


The racers were totally soaked and eventually just gave into the fact that there was little way of avoiding the rains!


There are several fun photos in the extend coverage showing the crowd and giveaways!


I hope to cover next years event again and capture its full glory!

For the photography buffs here, I shot this event with the DF and two Tamrons, the 24-70 and 70-200 VCs.


I did experiment a bit with area focus, which is a change for me verses spot metering all my shots, next year I look forward to trying a mixture of shots.  I would love to have two DFs for this event each outfitted with one of the Tamrons.  The high ISO performance of the DF is well suited to this type of work.

I also tried using my Yongnuo AF Assssit which tends to cause the camera to under expose, I will have to look into this more for future events as it does a fabulous job of focus acquisition.

You can see my full coverage of the event at:

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For those curious about the storm that wiped this event out, Stephen Locke has some excellent coverage that was posted on a blog here.



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