The Abandon House

In taking to an old habit of spelunking for photo opportunities in the Kansas countryside I found an abandon home.  What follows is a little different approach for me, a series of photos with just a small story to go with them.

I hope you enjoy!


There is always a certain sadness to these wrecks  and a sense of amazement of how things are left behind.


I could tell that this home had not been left well, or at least by its last occupants who may have even been drifters.

Walking up the porch you could hear the house creaking, and of course, I really had no idea if the house was truly empty, or even safe to enter.  It was rather a bit in the middle of nowhere, off a famous auto tour highway nearby.

There is an element of danger walking into an abandon home.  You do not know who or what you will find inside!


Peaking in through the broken window I could see various messes strewn here and there, literally piles of some family’s past.



They way it was left makes me wonder, piles in the far corner, random items left on a cabinet, the place was emptied in large part, but then this minimal subset of unwanted items left behind.


The entryway showed days of past grandeur, all chipped and rotted away now!


Further down there was the kitchen window and a quick peek inside before turning around and entering the house.



Leaning in a little more …


A step inside, a fly strip full of the dead, a buzzing sound!


A book, some ointment, dominoes and then a paint can!  This made a interesting scene even though it defied the realm of what seemed nonsensical.


It was a mystery as to why these things were left as they were and who once used them!


A toy pistol lay at the foot of the stairs, just to the left, wanton of a child to run about shooting at imaginary villains.



Maybe the villain this time was life and got the best of this family.


As compelling as it was, I did not venture up the stairs, I just wasn’t sure how stable the house really was and of course, I was uninvited.


The windows were all broken up, I was amazed that the house did not smell more of water damage and rot.


The floor was covered in wood dust, lifes little unwanted leftovers, doors, moldings and all sorts of other things.


This was may have been at one time a vibrant farm home, with a warped lower standing barn in its backyard and open land out its windows.  On the ledge there in the lower left hand corner sat an open ACDC CD Cover beside a bottle of 409 cleaner, no CD, just laying there perhaps as someone just stared out the window and thought about the music.


In the next window, a weather tattered bible rest quietly upon the window ledge.



And back to the first pile I saw upon taking my first peak into the window, the assorted remains of some life past!


The kitchen was a mess, almost the scene of some pent up anger, with trash and cupboard contents randomly spatter about!


As you can see there were assorted eclectic food items left, cans, and a heap of trash on the floor and counters.  Spilled beans, 1/4 full bottle of maple pancake syrup.



The doorway to the basement.


A peak down the basement stairs, no, not today, not with the condition of this house!

Additional  Research

In thinking about this house and its history I did some Gosling.  This house sits along Old 56 Highway in KS and I remembered roughly where it was.  Doing a street view in Google yielded a rather shocking result of the house in full tack from only three years prior.

May 2011 – Google Street View



July 2014


Technical Notes

These pictures were taken by two different cameras I entered the house with, The D810 and the Df.  The idea was for a mixture of low light and high resolution possibilities.  The D810 was equipped with a Samyang 14mm F/2.8 lens while the Df sported a Sigma 12-24 ED ASP F/4.5-56 lens.

I will have to return to this house at some point, explore the top and bottom floors and perhaps capture it with a new eye!

House Gallery:

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