Photo – A7RM2 Status Report


I have been taking notes as I make the journey to becoming a regular Sony A7Rii user.  By regular I simply mean I intend to use the camera with my other Nikon cameras and insert it into my regular rotation of cameras.

Reasons I would abandon it:

  • The menu system is horrible to get used to coming from Nikon. Nikon has nice structured professional menus.
  • There are features simply missing in my humble opinion like CPU lens setting for registering correct EXIF data when using non electrical MF lenses.
  • The EVF system is amazingly both good and bad in low light.
  • The body just doesn’t feel professional, it feels very consumer oriented.
  • You should be able to set the sensor to clean automatically on power off and power on, this would greatly help keep the sensor dust down.
  • You need to blow out the camera a lot of you change lenses a lot.
  • Of course battery life stinks, but is manageable if you carry extra batteries.
  • Steady shot giveth and taketh! Beware, especially if you change lenses a lot.
  • OOO Camera colors are a bit cool, cured by turning on vivid.
  • Sony doesn’t require a Serial Number to register (Would prefer it be based off a SN)
  • The manual is written for a consumer and seems incomplete.
  • Inability to turn off stupid shutter sound without disabling other key features
  • Slow between pictures and blackout times
  • Zooming is totally stupid clumsy

Things I need to learn:

  • How to turn off rear LCD monitor, its always on unless you put your eye to the view finder. I only want to see it when I want to see it by pressing a Custom button or menu.
  • Which ISO’s I can truly depend on, some are not consistent (IE ISO 640 seems better than ISO 400)
  • Reduce sensor flare from my adapter (Flocking inside of adapter?)

Reasons Why I will Keep it:

  • Impressive colors and IQ at ISO 100 with Vivid on
  • The EVF is handy at times (my Hybrid Idea would be so much better! 🙂
  • Ability to slap on any MF lens I have and rock and roll
  • Peeking is seriously useful
  • IBIS is really nice to have
  • Sony is evolving and there is a huge amount of potential
  • Because I am mostly a slow deliberate picture taker and its fine for that
  • Because i want to try some native glass on it.


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