Of Time and Mind


This entry discusses two topics that come to the forefront of my thoughts these days, time and mind.

Time is no mystery, there are passages of time where we want to shoot and can’t make or find the time to make pictures.  You know from previous blog entries that I often try to squeeze in lens time on my drives to and from work.  And as grand a plan that seems, I have arrived at a point and time where even that looks like it was a true luxury.  It would seem that just about the time I get some new great gear, life’s pace will change and make it extremely difficult to find time.  The paradox doesn’t stop there though, as assuredly as soon as I sale the cool gear due to guilt of not having time to use it, the pace will slow again and leave me pondering on whether to even bother buying it again.  Ahh, how ironical life and time is, isn’t it!  Trust me when I tell you I smile as I write this for I just find it humorous at this point.

In all seriousness having been through the loop a few times, I know that I just need be patient and the tide will roll back out again.  This is all part of the grand awareness we gain as we grow older and thus wiser!  And so with a cool Nikon Df, a new D750 that I need learn and master before the fall wedding, and a grand new telescope, the struggle for time will continue.

What about of mind?  Well, that is an entirely different matter and one I have observed as I frequent various forums on the internet.  New gear tends to freshen the mind and improve the photos with its ability to create new passion and desire which translates into inspiration.  And as the gear grows older so does the inspiration of many.  I am guilty of this at times as well.   I have talked about finding the zone on demand, and those that follow my blogs might say this part of the entry is hypocritical after having read it.  It’s not, I assure you as there is a difference between not being able to take a good photo when you want to verses not even wanting to take photos.  When people speak of ruts they should distinguish between the two.

What inspired this post though was seeing the quality of work go up and down on some of my fellow photographers.  I think at times we get kind of desperate to publish something in fear of fading away if we don’t and when we get at the intersection of I care and I am not in the mood bad photo posts occur!  Upon recent observations this became glaringly apparent.

So only one photo with this entry today, and honestly it’s a few months old because I now refuse to try and post garbage.  I either have a meaningful photo or I don’t and this one is more a clever message link than a fine photo, however, it suits the theme.

You are only as good a photographer as the worst work you publish and leave out there for others to see.  Its why over time I have deleted thousands upon thousands of photos from galleries.  Stick with only your better stuff and you will appear to be above average.  Choose only your greatest and you will be greater.  When you run short of time and mind, just say no to the submit button!

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