Why Video Din’t Kill Photography and Never Will


I had one of those moments last night when one randomly becomes enlightened on a topic. The topic in question was the reasoning of why video didn’t kill the photography star!

It was actually that song Video killed the radio star lyrics that sent me sideways and into an illuminating thought. Have you ever pondered the notion of why photography still thrives in a media rich world? Think about all the other new things people can spend their time on in this modern era we live in. One hardly has to become bored anymore.

Why is it then that for many a photo is more engaging than a video? The answer became very simple to me and this is what I e-mailed myself as a reminder to ponder and write about it more today.

“Video requires the viewer to wait and see what happens while a photo instantly engages the mind and invites the viewer to imagine a conclusion.”

That thats I believe is true, a photo provides instant gratification and engagement be it you imagine a mood or context or simply find it visually stimulating. A great photo immediately engages your mind. There is no waiting, it’s totally spontaneous! In contrast, a video often is designed to steer us to a destination and in modern times it’s considered more artistic to make that destination mysterious and intriguing. This causes us often to enter into a passive state and to be fed an answer rather than deducing our own.

This is a really short post, however, I wanted to share it with you in hopes it caused you pause to think and also bask in the wonderment that is photography! And with that said I will close in sharing several photos from this past Sunday where I had an hour to escape life as I know it and take a horse filled drive in the nearby back roads of Kansas where I live. It was truly a fun hour in the zone.

Until next time! Best wishes!


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