A short walk

hI had a chance to visit the west end of our Prarrie Center today.. mainly just spending time exploring 4 of the Ai-s lenses, the 18, 35, 105 and 180ED.


The tree above was my favorite from the day and taken near the end of my walk.  I think that what struck me the most today was the simple fact about how much I like and enjoy MF focus lenses.  I do not like the changing much because all my current MF lenses are fixed focus primes.  But once one is on, its very refreshing to select my focus rather than trying to get the AF to focus where I want.


The day was very hazy so tje sky biased towards white without any filters on the lenses to help remove the haze.


As you can see though, Black and White conversion can help.  these keepers as I call them were all done with the Nikon 180 ED F/2.8 Ai-s.






One from the Nikon 18mm F/3.5 Ai-s


I really fought the haze on this one, I will have to try it again come spring as the color layers should really add interest.

I guess for any of the newer folks following, it helps to read up on what subjects your lenses will showcase its inherit capabilities.  180 ED is great for portraits, it can generate nice bokeh wider open.  Since its a true telephoto it can be decent for wildlife, birding and of course compressed landscapes!

Until next time!

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