Let The Light In!


Its a new life, a new day and time to make images again!

After a very long hiatus, I have returned to one of my favorite passions in life that began at age 9 with a simple Kodak Instamatic 110 camera.

Today I shoot Nikon Digital SLRs and am re-immersing myself back into the fold again with new ideas with both new and old subjects.

I used to drive the Kansas country side for hours exploring back roads and photo opportunities.   There were countless thousands of photos, many which  honestly were junk as I explored my passion somewhat aimlessly.  In retracing some of those roads I am amazed at the structures and places that are changed and or are no more!  Some of those pictures may have been the only or last of what once was and is no longer.

Most good photographs I have made I felt and had a vision for and these days I take a mere fraction of the photos I used to concentrating on ideas and refinement rather than quantity.


I have been here a few times finally returning this time to catch a sunrise in the cradle of its bent branch.  These are always fun moments when you are behind the lens and making a picture.

Of course there are always photos that arise from opportunity like this one below walking out my front door.


Seldom are these photos perfect as they arise more out of chance than design, still though, they can truly be fun, emotional and rewarding.

I hope you’ll find the mix of thoughts and images here interesting and entertaining, although, I will be honest in that I am capturing this all for myself rather than public consumption as a primary goal.  Its fun to see how one thought and how those thoughts and how the images change!

You can see some of my older work in the Older Work Gallery here.

Thanks for visiting!

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