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Finding The Zone on Demand

I’ll apologize up front for this post, it may be a little mind bending for some of my readers.  I am going to talk a little bit about getting into the Zone for photography.


Athletes define it as the moments in sports where they transcend normal physical limits and function at a level above great! In photography I believe it’s where the minds eye and satisfying results meet in the final picture. The zone used to be something I couldn’t summon on demand, it happened in my mind only when opportunity met with an artistic mood.

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A short walk

hI had a chance to visit the west end of our Prarrie Center today.. mainly just spending time exploring 4 of the Ai-s lenses, the 18, 35, 105 and 180ED.


The tree above was my favorite from the day and taken near the end of my walk.  I think that what struck me the most today was the simple fact about how much I like and enjoy MF focus lenses.  I do not like the changing much because all my current MF lenses are fixed focus primes.  But once one is on, its very refreshing to select my focus rather than trying to get the AF to focus where I want.

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A Week with the Nikon 50 F/1.2 Ai-s

The Ai-s collection continues to be fun and I am trying a little experiment where I carry the lens for a week on my Df and see what happens.

Cut me some slack on these samples, they are mostly made going to and from work, little time, lower light, its a story of the life and times of a photography enthusiasts fun over the course of a week.


2 Degrees

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