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Finding Photo Opps for the Hobbyist

One of the harder aspects of many budding photographers is finding photo opportunities.   This won’t be a long lecture on making things happen, more of an antidote about making images from our everyday surroundings.


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Focusing and DF Accessories!

It was time again for another Nikon DF post and in this post I will cover some aspects of focus on the Nikon DF and DF accessories and notes.

I wanted to say a few things upfront.  I don’t make money off this blog and am not writing it for profit.  I may have pictures and links to products, but have no relationship with the vendors or the product vendors.

First up the Nikon DK-17 Magnifying Eyepiece. (Picture Below)

You can get this at

Nikon DK-17M Magnifying Eyepiece


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More D810 & Lens Notes

Well, over the past few days I have settled down a little and have been trying out the cameras.  When I go out and shoot I do so for fun, and I have to be careful some days because I get rather picky about taking shots and these past few have just been those days where I just did not feel the photos.

I tend to experiment during such periods, more compelled by these cameras and their novelty.  That said I usually trash 99% of what I take in terms of final keepers that will go to the online gallery.  I hope to reduce that number going forward, but then again I might not take anything if I did.  So what I share in blogs most times are going to be what I call conversational work.  If you want to see what I think counts, look in Newer and Older Works from the top menu. Some of the older gallery is not cleaned up yet, so there are a few non keepers there as well.


Lens Notes

These few were probably the ones I liked most, but still not keepers, that said they are good leads to future keepers in playing with Bokeh on some of my lenses.  These were done with the Nikon 105 F/2.8 ED VR and Tamron 70-200 F/2.8 IF VC.


Nikon 105 F/2.8 ED VR

Little Swirly Bokeh going on!

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DF – Super Neat Camera


Having just picked up a Nikon DF not too long ago and playing with it a bit, I would venture to say with regards to the stir this camera has caused, what happens on gear forums is we sometimes get very wrapped up in specs.  That’s perfectly fine because that’s a lot of people’s thing in having their idea of the best and debating the best specs.

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Shooting the D810

I was very fortunate to be able to pick up a D810 with not a lot of additional cost over selling my used D700 and some older lenses.  This made the change too much to resist and so I pre-ordered and received one from Best Buy.


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The Abandon House

In taking to an old habit of spelunking for photo opportunities in the Kansas countryside I found an abandon home.  What follows is a little different approach for me, a series of photos with just a small story to go with them.

I hope you enjoy!


There is always a certain sadness to these wrecks  and a sense of amazement of how things are left behind.


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Let The Light In!


Its a new life, a new day and time to make images again!

After a very long hiatus, I have returned to one of my favorite passions in life that began at age 9 with a simple Kodak Instamatic 110 camera.

Today I shoot Nikon Digital SLRs and am re-immersing myself back into the fold again with new ideas with both new and old subjects.

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