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The Awareness Journey is my first published work and it’s my hope that you will find true life changing advice that will greatly alter the way you see and live your life.  I know that is a tall order to fill and yet I know how much these thoughts have forever changed my own life.

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Find your new mind! Take a small risk, see if it changes your life, and I hope you enjoy The Awareness Journey and thanks for visiting my site!  You can also find the book by searching for The Awareness Journey on Amazon.



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The reality you believe exists is a carefully constructed illusion.  Imagined or real, we each dangle from the puppet master’s strings!  Mostly, we are oblivious to the pulls and tugs of the strings that dictate our daily lives.

Sometimes, to understand the truth you must be told and believe the lie first.   Whether we really believe the illusion is created by some puppet master, by our own selves, or simply non-existent, has no real bearing on the fact that our lives are not completely real.  They are often derived by the superficial constructs that we are given upon our birth and then throughout our life experience.

The fact is, almost everything you think and almost every way you respond to life is based on programming that builds with each day we live and experience life.  It’s virtually no different than the programming created for a video game or the storyline for a book or film.

Because our life is our reality, it’s very difficult for us to see the strings that guide us.  There are a few SCI-FI films that come to mind over the past few years that have questioned reality; some dealing with the programmer being the all-guiding master, and others dealing with dream states.

But if instead of an alternate dimension or dream state, the environment you live in is in fact real and through increased awareness you realized you had a choice to break free and author your own new string-free life, would you cut the strings?  How would you choose?

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